Connecting Oklahoma's Cannabis Supply Chain Community

Bonfire is Oklahoma's cannabis marketplace that brings growers, brokers, processors, dispensaries and more together.

A place for Oklahoma’s cannabis industry members to flourish

We believe that if our cannabis industry remains strong, stable, and independent, we all profit. States with more mature cannabis markets—like Colorado and California—have undergone intensive consolidation, which leaves little room for small businesses. At Bonfire, we're working hard to ensure that the cannabis market in Oklahoma avoids that same fate. We're doing this by empowering and legitimizing our small growers and outlets so that together, we can keep up with the bigger players, without sacrificing what makes us special.

Bonfire, exclusively for Oklahomans, is intended to preserve the tight-knit community of our state’s cannabis industry, good for individuals and Oklahoma’s economy as a whole.


and develop breakthrough relationships.


with other cannabis businesses.


your visibility, revenue, and success.

Grow With Bonfire

In Oklahoma, there are over 8,000 licensed cannabis growers operating across the state. We're proud of our small, independent cannabis professionals, and we want to make sure that our state’s unique network of cannabis businesses remains that way. Join the Bonfire community and collaborate, transact, and grow with passionate Oklahomans.